Light Up Your Condo

Large metropolis centres often favour the development of high-rise and low-rise condominium complexes in order to maximize the space and keep the gentrification of the city’s residents centred around the core of the city. Condos offer an economical and affordable opportunity for people to enjoy a comfortable and convenient lifestyle, that allows them to both live and work within the same vicinity. However, a large portion of condos seem to have a cookie-cutter feel to them, and often lack any unique character.

Luckily, there are ways to counter this, with the use of creative paint colours and blends, as well as unique furniture pieces laid out in a functional and sophisticated manner. Another great way to bring out the best in your condo space is the functional use of lighting.

Using Lighting to Open Up Your Condo Space

Proper, effective use of lighting can help to bring out personality, space, openness and charisma to an otherwise dull and tight area. It’s also a great opportunity for you to be able to draw attention to specific areas or artifacts in your unit, and make the space seem larger than it actually is. One of the great things about the use of lighting to accentuate your condo unit is the fact that just about any budget will do. Whether you are capable of spending thousands of dollars, or can only spare a few dollars is almost irrelevant. Regardless of your budget, you can truly transform a space with appropriate use of lighting in your condo interior design plan.

Ambient lighting provides a room with a general overall illumination. Whenever possible, ambient lighting should be provided predominantly from natural sources, such as from large windows, skylights, and glass-paned doors. Artificial lighting sources can also provide this general lighting that is necessary for functionality within the space. Pot lights – or recessed lighting – provides an unobtrusive and modern source of lighting, which is quite popular among home owners.

For overhead lighting sources, dimmer switches provide an excellent opportunity to be able to control the brightness of the space, and to alternate the brightness from one spot to another. Such dimmers can give you a chance to create a specific type of ambiance or aura to your space. The simple lowering of the light’s brightness is a great way to change to mood to suit your needs.

Accent lighting is a great way to provide a light source in areas that don’t necessarily require a great deal of illumination. Desk lamps and under-cabinet lighting are great examples of these light sources. Having a variety of types of light sources within a condo unit is a great way to provide the necessary light, as well as a way to open up your space and make it appear bigger than it really is.

If you really want to send a blast of light and openness to your condo, consider hanging a variety of mirrors on walls throughout your unit. Doing so will reflect the light, and will really open up up your space.

There are plenty of ways to brighten up and open up your condo space – lighting is probably the best way to achieve this effect! Get creative with your condo design Toronto and you can truly have a warm, comfortable, functional and open space.